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derrenThe day has arrived…. the final episode of the ITV comedy Benidorm will be aired tonight following confirmation that the show will be axed by ITV bosses amid falling ratings. Rumours had been circulating since March, with many tabloids running those headlines, but writer Derren Litten had always been somewhat arrogant in replies on his twitter account to those asking that very question.

Levante promThere will be tears shed by many, either of sadness or joy because a bit like marmite – you either loved it or hated it. Speaking with British expats that live here, most fall into the latter category whereas generally speaking, those in the UK loved it. Perhaps they just love seeing glimpse of their favourite holiday destination, bringing back fond memories.

johnny vegasMany that live here were unhappy with how it demeaned and cheapened their beautiful resort – yes they accept it’s a tongue-in-cheek comedy but lately the crudity was anything but funny to many here. But on the flip side, it was nice to see different parts of the resort featured, especially in the earlier series.

madgeThe show was first aired in February 2007 having been filmed the previous autumn to much excitement by everyone here. The original Garvey family, including the chain-smoking Madge, was loved by all and many cite their departure, in series 5, which was aired in 2012 as the beginning of the end. But the mahogany loud-mouthed scooter-loving matriarch certainly has a lot to answer for here. Madge is most definitely responsible for the surge of irresponsible scooter users here now, who think it great fun to hire one and whizz about the resort.

KennethThe new family that arrived for series 6, the Dykes were never really liked by viewers and it was at this point they started to switch off. But it kept coming back to the surprise of just about everyone. Despite millions of fans allegedly watching, the show only ever managed to win 2 NTA’s – the last back in 2011 so perhaps that tells a story? Mateo, there from the very first episode and Kenneth certainly kept the series afloat. 

joan collinsMany actors had cameo parts and it was with great interest that many watched, to see who would be the next one. The prize catch for Derren had to be getting Joan Collins to appear – which caused much hysteria the first time round. Some cynically said that most were ‘has been – past their sell by date, perhaps hoping to resurrect their acting careers” and at time the only thing Joan had appeared in was an advert for Snicker bars!

filming at poolsideEither way, the show did bring many to the resort and specifically to the Sol Pelicanos hotel, the fictitious Solana where all the pool shots where done. Some even made a point of booking their holidays when filming was taking place in the hope of bumping into some of the actors, who were more often than not, always very gracious and stopped to chat and take selfies with them.

pink house outsideIt was also economically beneficial to the resort – 4 months of filming created employment for many locals. Not only the extras required for background scenes, but the Sol Pelicanos obviously did very well out of the deal and the Pink House had its only use for the year, kitted out as the Solana reception.

TrackThen there were apartment rentals for regular cast members, catering trucks, van hire, bars and restaurants and the numerous locations, including Mirador, Benidorm Palace, Terra Natura, Fonts Algar and Karting Finestrat which was used for one episode featuring Madge!

But those in the UK can continue their love affair of Benidorm as a UK tour, with a stage version of “Benidorm Live’ is starting in the autumn… Jake Canuso, Tony Maudsley, Sherrie Hewson and many other favourites will all be treading the boards.


0 #11 paulb 2018-05-04 09:25
So sad to see it go, watched every one and enjoyed them all. All the best to the cast members and looking forward to seeing the UK tour in October.
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0 #10 Harry 2018-05-04 08:11
Should have finished a good five years ago. Just like Fools & Horses dragged on until it was no longer funny. The ego of the writers no doubt to blame,they never know when to stopyk397
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+1 #9 Craig Latcham 2018-05-02 18:34
you cant make people appear in it? - the actors who played the Garveys left by choice........ unfortunately their replacements were never a patch on them
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+1 #8 Robert Graham 2018-05-02 18:32
About time i think. It's not been funny for a long time now.
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+1 #7 Jon Finnan 2018-05-02 18:31
5 years to late
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0 #6 Jan Ann 2018-05-02 18:29
Keep it going sad see it go ok maybe if the Harvey a were back that might have a better rating
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0 #5 Valerie Smith 2018-05-02 18:28
I've watched all the Benidorm series and I'm not surprised it's being axed...this last series had a few funny moments...espec ially Mr woo....but the story lines are a bit shite. ... sad though
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+1 #4 Jon Mcdowall 2018-05-02 18:27
Think it’s had it day tbh it was great until the Garvies made an exit. This series has been really disappointing and not laughed at all. Rip Benidorm
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0 #3 Ann Evans 2018-05-02 18:25
It's a bit of sun while we have the winter wetness here x
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0 #2 Jackie Hunter 2018-05-02 18:24
Love it but never been the same with out the Garvies and Madge
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