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Yes it´s all stations go...... and this  they are holding auditions for the extras. When you watch the series, all those "holiday makers" lounging around the pool or walking about aren´t real - they are all part of the team that make up the set.

Auditions are being held at the Hotel Melia in Benidorm - as they have over the last few years by "Mediteranea Audicion". There are two sessions - 10.00am till 1.30pm then again 4.30pm until 7.30pm. The most important thing for anyone considering going is that you MUST have an NIE and Social Security number, which you need to bring with you - if you haven´t got those you will not even be considered as it is compulsory for legal and insurance purposes. You will also need to be resident here between March and July - unfortunately, if you are just coming over on holiday you cannot apply.

Last years hopefuls at the Melia
They are looking for people of all ages, including families with children - but remember, you will have to obtain written consent from the school and education authorities if your child will be missing school. All shapes and sizes welcome - it is not an audition for catwalk models, they want normal people. It is a great experience and something that all those which take part thoroughly enjoy - but be warned they are early starts. You are very well looked after and fed and watered throughout the day - it hardly feels like "work"!

Extras outside Morgans
I am sure that it will be mobbed on Friday, like it is every year. Good luck to those going .... who knows, in a few months you may be at the pool bar being served by Mateo or at "Neptunes" nightclub sitting on the table next to the Garvey family - who knows....