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With the full force of the Spanish sun it is important to take some precautions in order to cope with the hot weather.
- Stay indoors or in the shade during the hottest part of the day ... as the song goes "Only mad-dogs and English men go out in the midday sun" ... which is apparent if you pass by Levante Beach at 1pm. All the locals and Spanish go in for a prolonged lunch and siesta and not resurface until after 4pm.
- Wear plenty of high factor sun-cream and/or sunblock - especially important for babies and children.
- Dress infants and children in loose clothing and ensure they have a hat or an umbrella.
- Drink plenty of fluids ... by which I mean water and non-alcoholic drinks!

- Don't forget about your pets .... leave plenty of fresh water and ensure they have a shady area. Try not to take them out for walks during the mid-day hours ..... these owners took precautions as you can see so that their pooches didn't get too tired!

Another piece of advice is always pay in local currency - never pay in pounds and pence! There was an article in todays Daily Mail which highlighted that some shops and restaurants give you the option to pay in your home currency. Never ever do this as you will be given a very poor exchange.
 It may seems easier so that you can see how much you are spending but be assured that it will be end up costing you alot more for that 10€ meun del dia!

The retailer will add 5% or more markup which he then pockets. Most credit and debit cards add extra fees for using your cards abroad. Many charge a flat fee of aprox. £2 every time you buy something or use a cash machine PLUS they will add around another 5% for converting your purchase from euro's to sterling.

So your best option if possible is to take cash and convert it into euros once here .... but be careful where you go as there are some unscrupulous exchange booths - check the rate and what commission/service fees they charge BEFORE handing over your hard earner pounds!

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  • Benidorm knows how to party!

    Debbie Griff 19.11.2023 09:44
    What a fantastic turn out Eve looks amazing x
  • Benidorm knows how to party!

    Carol Lee 19.11.2023 09:43
    Me please looks amazing. X
  • Benidorm knows how to party!

    Bantams Bcfc Goggs 17.11.2023 07:28
    I´ll be there next year 2024 for the big 40th birthday with family

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