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Well it's big ! The check-in desks are easy to locate and then you go through security - which is on the far left hand side. One thing to say is that there are many more x-ray machines and scanners which are far more sensitive; the sunglasses perched on my head set the alarm off!

Once you get through the security area you have to go through the "Duty Free" shop to get to the departure gates. Now, be warned .... duty free indeed! For anyone wanting to purchase cigarettes or tobacco DO NOT buy it at the supposed "Duty Free" - buy them in the Tobacco shop in town beforehand. As an example, a carton of B&H or Silk Cut cost 48.90€ at "Duty Free" yet only 42.50€ in the High Street duty paid shop ! Tobaaco a similar story - 84.40€ for 500gm yet 67.50€ in the High Street. So,  if you were planning on purchasing 10 cartons of B&H you would end up paying 64€ MORE at "Duty Free"!!! 


Once you get through the maze of "Duty Free" goods you come to the new departure lounge. There are plenty of new shops and eateries, including Starbucks, Valor coffee/chocolate shop, and an El Corte Ingles outlet. The VIP lounge, which is located upstairs, has many more facilities including 2 office pods with Wifi and plenty of plush seating.


As the airport is so much bigger this obviously means alot more walking. There are moving walkways leading to the departure gates, but for those with reduced mobility it may be worth requesting wheelchair assistance.