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Camping Villamar pool area

The campsites of Benidorm - and there are many, have reported a record occupancy for July, with an increase of 6.7% on last year. Figures quoted reveal that nearly 74% of pitches were occupied, with Brits the biggest users and August is looking even busier. Some arrive with their own vehicles, on holiday while others have decided to up sticks and make the move, testing the waters first. The great thing about Benidorm is that there is something to suit all budgets and tastes, not only for holidaymakers, but also those choosing to move here permanently. Yet with property prices still very reasonable here - and with the current strong exchange rate properties seem even more affordable and an abundance of rentals, it is surprising how many ex-pats opt for life on a campsite.

Aqua aerobics lesson at villamarThe biggest and most popular in Benidorm is Villamar, followed by El Raco. Now I openly admit that I did have preconceived ideas of what to expect as I was invited on a tour, like I am sure many others have - last chance saloon types scrapping by on their last euros on a hi-di-hi type site. As Jim Trott from the Vicar of Dibley use to say, no no no, no - but in this case there is no yes at the end! Over the last few month Channel 5 have been filming at Villamar and featured a number of residents for a documentary about Brits who have made the move to the sun. Lesley Taylor, the resident Aqua Aeorobics instructor had the camera crew follow her at the beginning of June, filming her taking a class.

Villamar is Benidorm´s biggest campsite

Tree lined avenue in VillamarVillamar Camping is like a stand alone village, absolutely beautiful with tree lined streets, immaculately clean and secure but I still couldn´t understand why - especially as rent on what I would consider a "proper house" ie bricks and mortar would in many cases be cheaper! Well I was about to find out as I was welcomed to Sue and Pete´s for a glass of something pink and bubbly, drunk - well by the time I left I almost was - from proper champagne flutes, not paper cups and home made scones with jam... my prejudged thoughts were quickly fading.

Avenue of caravans on VillamarVillamar is considered the créme de la créme of the many sites in the area - it is certainly big, with 1150 pitches. Opened in 2002 it is managed by Mr De Groot, who is the Director and he runs it with military precision, which if that were not the case it wouldn´t be the place which it is. Each pitch is 9 mt x 9mt, with a few of the corner plots slightly bigger and there are strict rules as to what can and cannot be put up. Most have awnings attached to their caravans giving them around 50 sq mts of living space and many of the residents have paved the ground on their pitches, which is where they spend most of their time - outside.

Fun in the Benidorm sun!

Enjoying the outdoor lifestyle at VillamarAs we sat chatting a constant stream of people walked by, waving and saying hello and it quickly began to fall into place that people actually choose to live here primarily for the social lifestyle. We were soon joined by Pat and Barrie and next door neighbours Pat and Cliff - all three couples have property back in the UK and they told me that many which lived here were rather wealthy property landlords back in Blighty, with several properties - certainly a far cry from the stereotypical image I had of campers.

Stunning clubhouse and restaurant at VillamarAs I made my way to Sue and Pete´s there was certainly no shortage of 4x4´s and large mercedes with private plates on the site.
They were all united as to why they lived on Villamar, despite the fact that they could all afford to live in an apartment or villa if they wanted - the social environment and lifestyle. If you are not a sociable person then this most definitely isn´t a place for you.

Campsites are a lifestyle choice

Entrance to Villamar Camping in BenidormEveryone is always popping by into each others and stopping to chat, something which has all but vanished on most streets. I bet many don´t even know who their neighbours are or their names - on a campsite everyone knows their neighbours and probably their business too. That is probably the only downside apparently - you cannot have an argument or be too vocal when in the throes of passion so to speak as everyone will know!

El Raco campsiteVirtually every week someone is throwing a party and all the neighbours get invited - in fact, Pat and Cliff were waiting for 17 friends from Wales to arrive for whom they were holding a street party. Helen, a single lady who lived opposite joined us and has lived in both a "conventional" apartment in Albir and is now happily on Villamar. She explained that when she was in her apartment she would close the door and not hear or speak to anyone for the rest of the day - it was a very lonely and solitary period of her life here. Since moving she is far happier and would never consider moving back into an apartment or villa - and it´s a similar story on the other campsite such as El Raco.

Exceptional facilities at Villamar

VillamarThe facilities offered on this particular site are exceptional - centrally located is the bar/restaurant complex with shop and beauty salon and beautifully landscaped grounds surrounding the outdoor pool, complete with waterfall! The excellent 24 hour security with cameras keeps out unwanted guests and there is always someone on duty in the office. Most hotels in Benidorm would be envious and could never compete with what is offered here! There is a "curfew" so to speak on vehicles at midnight - none can enter the site after this time, which is a good thing otherwise cars would be driving up and down waking people up with their headlights etc - obviously a drawback if you are having a late night out yourself but it certainly doesn´t put people off going out though.

So to summarise, the camaraderie is what attracts the residents to live on a campsite. 85% on Villamar are British ex-pats who return back to their homes in the UK during the hot Spanish summer months. It´s a lifestyle choice that suits many and a great way to meet people if you are new here.


0 #12 TJ 2018-07-18 11:24
Hi Ken - it isn't to your advantage to go OBD on site Spanish fees from a position in the UK if you can afford the time/money to do a long stay in Benidorm. Rock up to Villamar for a week and visit all local sites - in this way you'll find a site that SUITS you - important for long stay. (Use your UK reg vehicle for the reckie, don't dress as a tax inspector and explain that such a such site down the road has quoted you 2000e/year if paying cash in advance, water/elec/wifi inc. Sites are truly massive and the owner will soon chop down a few trees if he's genuinely got 500 or 1000 pitches that are full to the brim, (never seen it happen myself.) Before you commit, take a look at small fields for sale, freehold, 10-20 mins from coast. Land never a bad investment in any event - they stopped making it a while back.
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+1 #11 Angie 2018-05-03 23:14
Hi looking for dog friendly moblie home or flat or small house to rent for 2 months stating 6 June if some one can help needs to allow dogs thanks ;-)
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+17 #10 Ken Robinson 2018-03-02 09:58
Why, why, why, won’t anyone answer the basic question what most are asking, SITE COSTS
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+3 #9 Phillip mcardle 2018-02-21 22:23
I am looking to move and work in benidorm area with my patrner for a fresh start im also willing to work hard and looking to live anywhere to get us both on our feet. We are willing to try our hands at anything and are both very obligation and extremley trustworthy.we are both in our early 30's and are able to turn our hands at anything, Lynn is a fully qualified beauty therapist and massage therapist.i i also hold a customer service certificate. Phil is a builder/groundw orker and can turn his hand to most things. We really hope to hear from anyone who is interested in our experience.
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+29 #8 Thomas Hailing 2017-09-04 09:41
I am looking to bring my hobby caravan to Spain, permanent for all year use, by me in winter and my family in summer. I would love to know any information anyone might have and costs of site fees, plus how to pay yearly or by monthly diret debit.
Regards Tom Hailing
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+3 #7 john pickersgill 2017-08-21 14:21
hi me and my wife are looking to rent a caravan or anything for a month, if you have any what is the price oing to rent long term just need to try first thank yk a month, and wat do you have avalable, l
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+5 #6 Angie 2017-06-23 14:09
Hi lookin ;-) :-) g to rent a private moblie home for 2months nxt fyear july to September
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+24 #5 Ken M Green 2017-02-02 14:10
Hi can some one get back to my wife and me Ken M Green, Hi there my wife and I are thinking of selling the house and paying off all are debts then with the rest or some of the money hope to come to Spain and buy a caravan to live in and hope to enjoy are lives in the sun that is this year the Date 2017. We do not know the in and out at moment can anyone at your end give some advice about living out there the pro and cons we will appreciate any thing you can tell or give to my wife and my self.
Best regards Ken M Green Alison L Green.
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+12 #4 Ian boardman 2017-02-02 13:17
Can anyone tell me the cheapest csravan park to stay all year round own tourer.and how much it costs
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+20 #3 richard 2017-01-29 12:54
hi can somebody put the whole cost of living for say 1 month on villamar electric gas site fees tv food ect ect plz
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