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The Council has allocated 180,000 euros to improve the image of Benidorm, specifically fixing the pavements in the Rincon de Loix area, something that the neighbourhood and business associations have been demanding for years. "Infranostrum", the company carrying out the fourth phase of the "Road Improvement Plan" were visited on site by the Councillor of Tourism Gema Amor to inspect the progress. She said it was important to improve the image of the town which sees a large influx of visitors, especially the British over the year.

Improvements in BenidormIn addition to repairing pavement tiles, many of which are damaged due to tree roots they are also addressing the wheelchair access on the Calle Cuena/Calle Gerona junction – the Tiki City crossroads. The Calle Derramador, one of the main routes of the town which starts at the entrance to the Indoor Market and where you will find the Sol Pelicanos and Riviera hotels are also having a facelift, with the installation of 54 brightly coloured plant pots. The resort will once again be in the spotlight with the airing of the 7th series of the hit comedy, which starts on Friday 2nd January and with Magaluf authorities clamping down on "rowdy Brits" maybe Benidorm will see a further increase in numbers.

Daily Mail headlineJaime Martinez, the Minister of Tourism for the Balearic Government has announced that Magaluf will become a "mature tourist zone" for next year – in an attempt to shake off its reputation of "Shagaluf" with many young partygoers. They will ban pub crawls and drinking in the street, imposing fines of 600€ for bad behavior!

Stag group in BenidormBut they are not the only Spanish resort taking action, Tossa del Mat on the Costa Brava have banned Stag & Hen groups during the month of August and placed strict guidelines for the rest of the year. But it is not solely the Brits which are chastised for bad behavior. Last year a picture of 3 naked Italian men running through a supermarket in a resort on the outskirts of Barcelona caused outrage among residents, who then proceeded to hold protests outside blocks of apartments rented out to holidaymakers!
Will it backfire I wonder..... can they really afford to "ban" people – time will tell.


+2 #2 Karen Marais 2014-12-24 13:27
Would also be nice to see some repairs in the old town and to the Park where the town hall is. I remember this as pristine with the fountains working, now it is a dump.
+2 #1 Jim Howe 2014-12-23 19:43
Nice to see there fixing the pavements ,they also need to catch the muggers and pickpockets that are usually the same people.there are 2 women who drive around in a car following the coaches as they arrive and rob people .they also need to do something to stop people letting there dogs leave there mess on the pavements

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