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brocheta Benidorm´s Gastronomy Calendar 2015 continues and the next event “Semana de la Brocheta” was officially presented by the participating restaurants today. The event starts on Friday and is on until Sunday October 4. Translated it means Week of the Skewer – but it sounds so much better in Spanish!

brocheta twit21 restaurants are taking part who have once again managed to create some truly outstanding and creative pieces. One “Choco-Millo” from Oh Solomillo was inspired from a trip to Mexico, when the owner was served half a chicken with a spicy chocolate sauce – sounds bizarre but actually tastes really good whereas other are a little more traditional such as chicken fillet with shitake mushrooms, or crispy prawns with a spicy sauce – obviously all served on skewers.

breakfast skewerOne very amusing one is called “Cholesterol Challenge” and features a fried quails egg, tomato and variety of sausage slices all on a toasted slice of bread – a Spanish take on a full English breakfast I think! All the brocheta´s are priced at 2 euros – which works out at only 1.50GBP at today’s rate… incredible value.

brochureA colour guide, which includes a photograph of each "stick", is available at any of the Tourist Information offices – and includes a map at the back to show you the location of each restaurant. It´s a great opportunity to try something a little different - head to the Old Town where 14 of the 21 restaurants are located so you can do a skewer crawl, washed down with a beer or glass of wine.

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  • Carnival ...Benidorm style!

    Glenis Parmenter 12.02.2024 06:30
    Would love to be there looks great
  • Beni winters

    Annemaria Lewis 07.02.2024 16:35
    Will be there in April about 150+ people on a 90th birthday bash
  • Beni winters

    Elizabeth Gardiner 07.02.2024 16:34
    Be there Sunday

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