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with jake canuso and sherrie hewsonMany have been watching the Channel 5 documentary series “Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun” with avid interest over the last few weeks – and one face that most Beni lovers will instantly recognize is that of Wayne Edward Bellamy-Wright aka Miss Levi. Film crews followed Wayne and husband Des for the best part of 6 months, documenting the sale of his beloved “Showboat” which he built up from a derelict abandoned nightclub into a thriving restaurant and cabaret bar.

miss levi at zodiacHaving lived and worked in Benidorm for nearly 25 years he thinks that the production company – Blakeway North have done a great job, portraying the many different sides of the resort in a true and honest light. It’s not just lounging about and drinking all day long – there are numerous hardworking people that have built up successful businesses here who have been featured alongside Wayne.

WeddingThere are 4 more episodes to come – and the finale, on Tuesday 23rd February will feature Des and Wayne’s wedding that took place in the UK last year. But he is no novice when it comes to television, appearing on breakfast television when they broadcast from the resort alongside Benidorm series cast Jake Canuso and Sherrie Hewson and also in the series itself.

Levi posterFollowing a well-deserved break after selling Showboat, Benidorm’s favourite drag queen is back, topping the bill at The Zodiac Bar on Calle Gerona – where he first worked 24 years ago.

He will be performing there until the end of this month then move over to The Palladium for the rest of the year – which is part of the same group. You can catch Miss Levi in the highly coveted 10pm slot every Wednesday to Sunday - off on Monday and Tuesday to do the kind of things all queens do - polish the sequins, file nails and pamper!

Wayne sewingHis one man live comedy show requires many costume changes – the majority of which he has made himself, including the puppets which entailed many months in front of a sewing machine to create… another string to his bow! Wayne is certainly no novice when it comes to entertainment – having been in the business since his teens, starting off as a Butlin’s Redcoat at the Blackpool Metropole, before moving here to Benidorm. Originally from Manchester, it is there that he returned to get married to Des last October – and everyone can share those moments on February 23.

Levi charityBut it is Wayne’s ceaseless charity work that has earned him the most praise over the years. There is only one man in Benidorm who knows how to part people with their money for a good cause – and that’s Wayne. He manages to enlist his contemporaries, who are always willing to support fundraising events that Wayne has organised. He has such a big heart and always goes the extra mile for those less fortunate, whether it be children, animals (he has two dogs) or the annual Poppy Appeal – all causes very close to his heart. His two most notable sums raised were both for the Emaus children’s charity - €10,665 from a single afternoon event in October 2013 at Showboat and just in this last month he handed over a cheque in excess of €10,000 for a charity calendar which he instigated.

Welcome back Wayne.....




+1 #8 johnny miller 2018-07-08 13:51
ive been coming to Benidorm for about 40years and wayne is the best act ive seen by far keep it up wayne
+2 #7 Joan Dunn 2018-01-25 22:05
My friend and I go to Benidorm 2 to 3 times a year. We adore it. We always go and see Levi’s show. It doesn’t matter how often we go and see Wayne he always makes us laugh. It’s a brilliant show. The work that Wayne and he’s husband Dez do for charity is amazing. They are a lovely couple and we look forward to seeing them again in June. Keep up the good work boys xxx
+1 #6 Tommy 2016-02-11 18:17
Really enjoyed the programme and Wayne comes across as a really decent bloke, likewise Tad from The Yorkshire Pride.
I think the programme comes across very well but as if the campsites have 'funded' it. Met loads of great people on my many jaunts to Benidorm, some of whom would have made good TV :lol:
+2 #5 debbie barnatt 2016-02-02 16:15
what a brilliant entertainer he is.. my dad died whilst i was on holiday in benidorm and i went to showboat to his show with a heavy heart.. he made me laugh as he has done every year we have been to see him. we will certainly be in the palladium at least 3 times this year on all our visits to see his shows. hardworking, kind lovely long my he reign..x
+3 #4 Glynis pounder 2016-02-01 20:41
I,ve known Wayne all his life and in all that time he,s never changed his heart has all ways been big he,s the most kind considerate person I,ve ever met. He deserves all the recognition he gets the best thing he ever received was the love of his wonderful husband des xxxx
+2 #3 Janice Rigby 2016-02-01 18:22
You are a warm, wonderful, kind hearted and very talented guy and I wish you and Des nothing but happiness for your future xx8z
+1 #2 june nicolson 2016-02-01 16:06
well done wayne , all the best 4 the future jx
+1 #1 jacqui perkins 2016-02-01 12:05
In the words of Tina Turner "Simply The Best"

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