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2x1Benidorm is a popular destination for party go-ers and we are now entering traditional Stag & Hen season. Love them or loathe them, they are important to the economy of the resort and in general the vast majority behave. The resort is a magnet for those wanting a good time, where booze is cheap and bars are plentiful - many of the groups arrive on Friday and fly back on Monday, though somewhat more subdued than when they arrived! Boisterous behavior is tolerated to a point here but on the plane it is a very different matter as a group found out last week.

Ryanair planeA Ryanair flight had to be diverted on Friday evening after a rowdy group of twelve Southampton stags ignored repeated warnings from the crew and became disruptive. The Luton to Bratislava flight landed at Schonefeld airport in Berlin an hour into the flight and 6 of the group were escorted off by German police – including the groom-to-be. They now each face a potential fine of up to €20,000 under the Aviation Security Act in addition to a civil claim from the airline for the cost of the diversion.

Hen party on RyanairSadly this type of behavior is becoming increasingly familiar, especially on the low cost carriers on a Friday evening. However, an eyewitness has critcised not only the group involved but airline staff who allowed them to board the flight in the first place, claiming that they were already intoxicated in the departure hall prior to boarding. But there are also well behaved groups like this lot of hens - Benidorm bound.

Ryanair TCsTake a look at Ryanair’s T&C’s and Article 7 – refusal of carriage under clause clearly states “impairment from alcohol” as a reason to refuse boarding. Perhaps airline staff – and this includes all carriers, need to be retrained on this point as Jet2 have reported similar incidents.

So boys and girls – leave the drinking until you actually land and arrive here in Benidorm. You will potentially be a danger to yourself as well as your fellow passengers in the case of an emergency landing if you are inebriated!

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  • Benidorm knows how to party!

    Debbie Griff 19.11.2023 09:44
    What a fantastic turn out Eve looks amazing x
  • Benidorm knows how to party!

    Carol Lee 19.11.2023 09:43
    Me please looks amazing. X
  • Benidorm knows how to party!

    Bantams Bcfc Goggs 17.11.2023 07:28
    I´ll be there next year 2024 for the big 40th birthday with family

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