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Live posterDerren Litten, writer and creator of the ITV sitcom series ‘Benidorm’ and now Benidorm Live, the touring show has announced that he is engaging in talks to discuss “Benidorm The Movie” with film producers, which will be a movie version of the Live Show.

car sceneITV executives axed the television show this year after falling ratings, with series 10 the last – the very first was aired back in 2007 and Jake Canuso, who played Mateo is the only actor to have appeared in every episode of every series! There was certainly a mixed reaction for the show, which had a marmite effect – you either loved it or hated it.

But it will be a welcome relief for fans of the show, who were left heartbroken when it was confirmed that there would be no more new series made in the popular resort.

clearing outOnly this week workmen and skips were outside what is affectionately referred to as ‘The Pink House’ - ripping out the props which made up the reception of the fictitious Solana. It had become a focal point for many fans, who would patiently wait outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite character coming out.

jakeThoughts of a Live Show was mentioned 4/5 years ago when the Garvey’s were still in it but shelved back then because of logistics, availability etc. But the idea kept coming back every year and Derren was keen to do a live stage version – perhaps the fact that the television series was axed made it more of a reality.

But actor Jake has mentioned in a live podcast that he has an inkling that the series may come back in a few years… as is the fashion of late to bring back many popular series of yesteryear. That news will undoubtedly cheer up many fans of the axed show.

tony filmingDerren said it was difficult to decide which of the actors to ask for the live show – which obviously had to be done before writing the script. So he had to call to ask them if they’d be interested and available, which for an actor is difficult as you are basically asking people to commit to something that they haven’t seen the script for, which is the reverse of television.

Derren by poolBut after 10 years most of the regular actors knew what to expect from the writer. In a way Derren had a mini trial when asked to write a scene for The Royal Variety performance – and following its success and positive reaction knew it would work in front of a live audience. The Benidorm Live Show is on an 8 month tour, going around the country having started in the autumn and will end in April 2019. After that who knows…..

pink hopuseThe series was no doubt economically beneficial for the resort during the four month stints of filming here. Not only all the extras required but catering contracts, van hire, apartment rentals for the cast and much more. However, many locals were actually quite relieved to hear it had finished as they felt it demeaned and cheapened the resort, particularly the last few series.

MadgeThe departure of chain smoking Madge, upon her mobility scooter and the Garvey family in series 5, which was aired in 2012 many cited as the beginning of the end.

It certainly sparked an epidemic of everyone wanting to hire a mobility scooter like their favourite character, whether they actually needed one or not, which has caused untold issues here ever since! The town hall even had to bring out a bylaw after numerous stag & hen groups would go riding riot across the resort on them!

Wonder if they’ll make it to the film version – many would argue for it to be a success they’d need to be.