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cornerLoved by the Brits and hated by the locals in equal measures, but after years of legal wrangling and appeals going back and forth between residents and owners of Tiki Beach, the inevitable has finally happened. A Supreme Court ruling at the end of last year sealed its fate, with the order being decreed that it must close and no further appeals possible.

frontA day many thought would never come, but Tiki Beach on the Levante promenade has now closed down and this morning fencing had been erected and the builders were in. However, it may not be like that for long as evidence suggests that it will soon re-open looking at the building materials that have been delivered.

buildersIt will allegedly re-open under new ownership but whether it will still be called Tiki Beach remains to be seen.

The popular wooden bar that stood on the terrace has already gone and kango drills were busy demolishing parts of the main bar.

insideMany holidaymakers stopped, looking on in disbelief that after years of rumours it has happened! 

But there is certainly no shortage of other bars along the front to choose from… we’ll keep you updated on progress.