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Beach on October 31We’ve been incredibly fortunate with the weather here this year. On Thursday, the last day of October, people were still swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the Levante beach… must be a first! Those here on half term from the UK must have been really pleased and there were certainly plenty of children enjoying building sandcastles!

Rugby finalWe welcomed the first day of November in with blue sunny skies over the resort, temperatures in the mid 20’ and Saturday’s rugby final was watched by hundreds on the mega poolside screen of the Marina hotel wearing summer clothes. Terraces up and down Calle Gerona were also full of locals and holidaymakers, cheering England on… sadly to no avail in the end.

Square buntingThis was certainly a boost for the bars though, with beers sales (liquid breakfasts) unexpectedly welcome – a lead up to the start of the Benidorm fiestas (Saturday) and more importantly, British Fancy Dress Day which takes place on Thursday 14. Bars are already decorating and bunting is now up in the square and down the main strip.

Red flag dayThe weather took a little bit of a downward turn today, with strong winds meaning a red flag so no swimming in the choppy waters. The poor lifeguard still had to stay on the lookout though - huddled up but thankfully no-one was silly enough to go in.


Stalls going downThe kiosks for water sports, located by the cable ski end of Levante were also being dismantled and taken away today, signalling the end of the season – I am fairly sure it lasted longer than in previous years. Although the forecast for the week ahead is dry, temperatures are starting to dip slightly, but still in the late teens so no need for woolies just yet!

Historically, the last official day of fiestas has always been abit wet but miraculously turns out well for Fancy Dress day – let’s hope that doesn’t change!