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Jumping JacksSpain and indeed Benidorm will be slowly coming out of hibernation following 7 weeks of strict lockdown. On the proviso that figures continue on a downward slope, from Monday May 11 bars and restaurants will be allowed to re-open their terrace areas. Seemingly a time to celebrate, however there is a big but… ONLY up to 30% of the capacity.

IMG 6054In protest 150 businesses in Benidorm, reliant on tourism have put up ´Se Traspasa´ (for rent) signs in their windows in protest at the government to show what could and will happen unless they get financial support. They rightly say that opening at 30% then 50% (June time) is damaging their livelihoods and they cannot survive.

IMG 6051Amongst those are are Heartbreak and White Lion on the Levante promenade and many of the tapas bars along Tapas Alley. Some locals have been shocked thinking that they are indeed up for rent and already thrown in the towel... thankfully not!

Tiki BEachHowever, there are always ones that buck the trend, and what was ´Tiki Beach´ have actually just acquired the unit next door and extended, doubling in size and creating a very large terrace. Tiki is probably one of the most popular bars here in Benidorm, with a fabulous prime beachfront location, it attracts stag & hen groups in the hundreds.

Tiki Beach extentionThe new opening regulations has left the bar owners in a real quandary, uncertain over what to do in this difficult situation. At less than one third, it really isn´t financially viable for the majority to re-open… unless they have a terrace the size of a football pitch!

square at nightMany of the popular bars here in Benidorm are reliant on British visitors, yet with absolutely no indication of when flights will be allowed back into Spain it has left them in an impossible situation. The Square and Calle Gerona is virtually exclusively reliant on Brits who keep the bars going.

Anbassador hotelThe mayor of Benidorm is backing plans laid out by HOSBEC, the hoteliers association for a longer de-escalation with financial support from the government for tourist related businesses – bars, restaurants and hotels. With no international tourism, for many of those it will not be worth re-opening under the very strict limitations outlined.

Calle GeronaRemember, they will still have to pay 100% of electricity, gas and water bills! It isn´t until June that they will be allowed to open to 50% capacity, but remains to be seen who in fact will even be coming here with social distancing and other strict criteria laid down.
empty levante promSpanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, like all world leaders is in a very difficult position, trying to balance people’s safety with the economy. Some press outlets have been reporting that international flights won´t be able to return to Spain with tourists until October or even next year... although totally unsubstantiated.

Many business owners are hoping that is just speculation but what is certain, it will take a long time for Benidorm, reliant on tourism, to recover. How many will manage to weather the storm remains to be seen but it will sadly end up the survival of the fittest!


0 #15 John Oram 2020-05-04 21:21
I and wife were due out 14th April. Can’t wait to re-book for ASAP. Don’t worry Benidorm, us BRITS WON'T LET YOU DOWN
0 #14 Gillian McMullen 2020-05-02 11:33
Hope to go late September but not banking on it. Small price to pay if we can keep safe. There's always next year.
0 #13 Carly Green 2020-05-02 09:36
Suppose to be flying out today see you next year guys xxxx
0 #12 Hayley Diana 2020-05-02 09:35
We should have flown out today it’s so sad but at least more lives have been saved which is more important than any holiday. I would happily forfeit my refund to the hotel if it meant travel could keep going. Stay safe everyone
0 #11 Janet Durden 2020-05-02 09:33
We're not going till next year now can't see uk letting us travel for a long time yet
0 #10 Ronnie Scott 2020-05-02 09:32
Just worried how the small bars will fair if they are only allowed to have 30% of the customers in the bar at any one time? Sorry but the answer is they won't.
0 #9 Samantha Lorraine 2020-05-01 21:00
We are due end of August and as much as I’d love to come I can’t see it happening this year :( so May be seeing you next year
0 #8 Chris Norman 2020-05-01 19:40
Kelly Marie Newman can’t see it myself. Even if they are open for business again and allowing foreign tourists back (which is a big if in itself) if the foreign office are still advising against travel then your travel insurance would be invalid which means realistically it’s a non starter. shame but better to be safe and alive now so that we can go back in the future
0 #7 Kelly Marie Newman 2020-05-01 19:39
Chris Norman I due 7th August. Do you think it wont happen then?
0 #6 Chris Norman 2020-05-01 19:37
Supposed to be coming out end Aug on our rearranged April trip, slowly resigning ourselves to the fact it won’t happen. Just hope the economy can survive this for when we come out the other side

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