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levanteOne of the main attractions to Benidorm are the stunning golden sandy beaches and along with the fantastic weather, helps to keeps Benidorm at the top of the holiday destination list for the Brits. Unlike others, Benidorm is blessed with 4 separate sandy beaches, in addition to a number of hidden rocky coves – so there is something for everyone.

La Cala beachEach beach has its own personality and attracts different people, but you can be assured that each one is meticulously maintained. But despite entering phase 2 of de-escalation this coming Monday, June 1, sadly Benidorm´s beaches will not be open for a further 2 weeks.

Sunbeds stacked upMany residents were looking forward to being able to enjoy the km´s of golden sandy beaches with the hot weather upon us, especially those that live in apartments with no balcony or outside space. However they will remain shut and off bounds until Monday, June 15 – a real disappointment until "they can guarentee all safety parameters¨ according to the mayor.

Girls on beachOnce open - at 50% capacity and to ensure social distancing, the beaches will be divided into plots to keep control of numbers entering. It has been suggested that there will be 2.5meter gaps between the blue sunbeds and umbrellas that you can hire and a minimum distance of 2meters on the rest of the sand where visitors bring their own towel.

Rows of sunbedsUnfortunately, you will not be able to spend the entire day lounging as there will be morning and afternoon sessions - and there is talk that you may have to book a slot. The beaches will also have to be vacated over the lunch period inorder that they are cleaned and sanitised.  However, it is not clear who will be responsible for controlling the numbers that enter - local police, town hall employees or other! Further updates over the coming days...



+1 #5 Trudy Boulton Dent 2020-05-31 22:43
Hope we get there September just wish UK didn't count suspected people in our results as it would be below alot of countries
+4 #4 Jean Haddrell 2020-05-31 22:42
It’ll all be ok one day, we just need to be patient, because we def don’t want anymore people dying,,,, or lockdown again,,,, chin up ,,,, x x x
-6 #3 Martin Crewe 2020-05-31 22:41
So what if they are packed. You can't catch something that isn't there. No airborne virus. More chance of winning the lotto than catching a virus that ain't there
+4 #2 Sue Pile 2020-05-31 22:40
Total respect for Benidorm! They are doing a top job of keeping people safe!
+5 #1 Roger Quelch 2020-05-31 22:39
Love benidorm hope it gets back to normal and all businesses survive

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    Monica Ricci 26.04.2022 14:00
    November in Beni! Oooh this looks amazing!!
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    My friend has booked us vip passes can't wait to meet everyone
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    Tracey Belcher 25.04.2022 22:20
    Damn would love to come



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