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20220721 seguridad control patines escuteres 1Local Police in Benidorm in conjunction with the town hall, have embarked on a clampdown over the rental and use of mobility scooters and electric scooters in the resort... long overdue according to many!

Benidorm was one of the first places in Spain to regulate the hire of mobility scooters following numerous complaints from road users and pedestrians. 

 mums and kidsMeetings have taken place with rental companies as well as with hotels, tourist apartments and campsites so that they can relay the information to clients. Companies were reminded that mobility scooters are limited to people with disabilities, proven mobility issues or those that are over 55 years of age and can face fines of up to €500 for breeching these rules.

20220720 seguridad control patines escuteres 2

Mobility scooters are prohibited on pavements, with the exception of those users with disabilities, but can only go at a maximum speed of 4km per hour, the equivalent speed of pedestrians and excessive speeds can also result in fines of up to €500.

scooter rally
Electric scooters are banned from pavements and bike lanes incorporated onto the pavement but can use those that run alongside the road. The maximum speed they can do is 20 km per hour unless the limit is less, such as the top half of the avenida Mediterraneo under the halo lights, where it is reduced to just 10 km. Users are required to wear a helmet and have civil liability insurance.IMG 8308

Following the success of the Benidorm series, the "Madge-mobile" soared in popularity with visiting Brits, but is often just seen as a cheap mode of transport rather than a neccesitiy to get around due to genuine mobility issues. A favourite of party go-ers to zoom around town without the worry of drink driving! Madge