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Market 1Goodness me…. It is foul yet again! We are certainly not used to this wet weather in Benidorm at the end of MAY. A few brave stallholders set up for the outdoor market this morning but doubtful they would have stayed for too long with the rain - or infact if many customers braved going even. 

 Rain macsHolidaymakers are wondering around aimlessly, wearing multi-coloured plastic ponchos or umbrella hats – the only ones who are really benefitting from this weather are the shops selling them! Bars are hopeful of extra customers keeping out of the rain but when its really pouring, then many won´t even bother leaving their hotels!

Levante beachUnfortunately, the resort isn´t really geared up for this. We pride ourselves on the golden sandy beaches, water sports, theme parks, walks etc and in reality, there aren´t too many indoor activities, especially to entertain children.


Beer cratesEven for the adults, if you do not want to sit in a bar drinking all day or go shopping, then there is the bowling alley along the main avenida Mediterraneo (with the overhead halo lights) or ´Eye´s Down/Housey´ at one of the many bars here. 

RivieraThankfully we appear to have a few days of respite from the rain according to the weather apps but sadly no sign of any sun just yet. The only plus is that the reservoir in Guadalest should be filling up nicely, so fingers crossed, no water shortages this summer. The really bizarre thing is that the weather back in the UK is glorious...

river deep



0 #7 Claire Louise Barnes 2023-05-24 15:05
April and may are the wettest months in Benidorm hot all the way from June x
0 #6 Kaylee Almond Searso 2023-05-24 15:04
It's only a bit of rain, uk should be used to the rain lol
0 #5 Susan Shone 2023-05-24 15:00
OK in pub
0 #4 Steven Convery 2023-05-24 14:59
Once had a full May week of rain when we took two bairns .Helping staff bale out the water from leaking roof in the bar at Parisio 10
0 #3 Robert Sloan 2023-05-24 14:56
Good to see the rain in Benidorm The locals really need the rain Unfortunate if your there on holidays though
0 #2 Pauline Butler 2023-05-24 14:55
Benidorm is great. Rain or sunshine
0 #1 Rachel Elizabeth 2023-05-24 14:54
Best be gone before august

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  • Carnival ...Benidorm style!

    Glenis Parmenter 12.02.2024 06:30
    Would love to be there looks great
  • Beni winters

    Annemaria Lewis 07.02.2024 16:35
    Will be there in April about 150+ people on a 90th birthday bash
  • Beni winters

    Elizabeth Gardiner 07.02.2024 16:34
    Be there Sunday

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