• It must be said that the Spanish certainly know how to party and Saturday nights Carnival Parade was a prime example. This year over 800 took part, with 56 individual penya’s vying for the top prize of €1000 for the winning fancy dress costumes. I think that they should pop down to the British Fancy Dress Day in November to get some ideas for next year.

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  • The annual Carnival parade took place in Benidorm on Saturday evening, with the procession starting at the top end of Calle Ruzafa and finishing in the Town Hall square. There was an array of costumes and themes and surprisingly, hardly any duplicates, but plenty of imagination. Over 700 participated on what was a very cold night but the low temperatures didn't stop the fun!

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  • The Old Town was alive for Carnival last night – with a parade of more than 1,500 people. Unusually for Spain, it started bang on time at 9:30pm, with 78 groups and a dozen individuals dressed in a variety of eye-catching outfits, marching down the length of the Avenida Ruzafa and finishing at the town hall square. The roadside was lined with cheering spectators and the requisite loudspeakers pumped out music that even made the pavements vibrate!

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  • Light and colour flooded the streets of the Old Town last night as the annual Benidorm Carnival took place. As with all things Spanish, it was a late start, not setting off until well after 9:30pm.

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  • Rio de Janeiro is traditionally regarded as the capital of carnival celebrations, with the most spectacular and extravagant costumes you are ever likely to see. But Benidorm also has its own annual parade, which will take place in the Old Town next Saturday, 6th February. The date is dependent on when Easter falls, which this year is early, March 27th - Easter can fall on any Sunday between March 22 and April 25.

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