• Benidorm is a mecca for drink fuelled partying, attracting thousands of Brits every weekend. Sadly, numerous stories of drunken loutish behavior are being reported on a regular basis, of it must be said, a minority, but it is slowly ruining it for everyone. Mallorca is fed up with what they call ‘trash tourism’ and the antics taking place in Magaluf, which is destroying the image of the island. Last week a video was posted onto social media showing British and German thugs fighting on the streets, enraging local businesses and hoteliers. Officials have taken swift action and amended the Tourism Law, restricting how much alcohol can be served on all-inclusive package holidays… I wonder if it’s something that they will look at here in Benidorm?

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  • Well the Guinness was certainly flowing in Benidorm this afternoon as Calle Gerona filled with people out celebrating St Patrick´s Day. The event turned into a weekend celebration this year with plenty of leprechauns running around!Everyone went to great lengths to join in the party atmosphere, with green the colour of the day. Many bars put of special live entertainment - and with the weather resembling a summer afternoon, the drinks flowed!

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  • The streets of Benidorm were a sea of green over the weekend, as hundreds descended on the town to celebrate Irelands national day - St Patrick´s Day.The celebrations started on the Friday, when the weather was glorious... unfortunately by Sunday it had turned somewhat Irish-like, grey and a little drizzle at times. But as you will see, it certainly didn´t stop anyone having fun!

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  • Mention karaoke and Benidorm in the same sentence and the one place that instantly springs to mind is the “Black Chicken”! It was Benidorm’s very first and original karaoke bar and its reputation is unparalleled to any other bar here. If you want the Ritz then it’s definitely not for you. But if you are after FUN – in capitals, a fun boisterous atmosphere, affordable prices, honest staff and a DJ that knows how to get the place buzzing, then certainly pay the place a visit.

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  • It is hard to believe it is mid-October with the incredible weather we are currently experiencing here in Benidorm. Those lucky enough to be here on holiday are having a fabulous time, with temperatures in the late 20´s and same forecast for the entire week ahead too. The beach has been packed today and as day turns to night, the resort transforms into a neon metropolis. 

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