• Benidorm Palace has once again surpassed itself with their new show ‘Aqua’ - which doesn’t need much translating as it is probably the one word that everyone knows. Each year they produce a new jaw dropping show and you cannot believe that it can be topped, but somehow, they just do!
    Quite how they manage to get water cascading down onto the stage without getting the audience soaked in the process is a feat in itself and done in a truly spectacular manner - the imagination is mind blowing and my goodness, so dramatic like nothing ever seen before.

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  • You often hear the term "Upping your game" when it comes to entertainment, but Benidorm Palace are taking things to a whole new level this year. The new show, called "EFEX" will debut on 24th April and will leave you speechless - literally!

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  • It’s approaching that time of the year when the resorts premier entertainment venue, Benidorm Palace, changes its show. The launch date is fast approaching - April 27 and the new show for 2016/17 is called “I-CONS”. I met with Artistic Director David Moore to see what is in store for us this time and managed to watch the dancers rehearsing some of the new routines.

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  • When in Benidorm, make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to go and see the new show – I-CONS, at Benidorm Palace. Without fail, they somehow manage to achieve the unachievable every year, improving on what appears to already be a spectacular show. There are not enough adjectives to describe the latest extravaganza – thrilling, high energy, passionate, exciting… all those things and more. You certainly won’t have the chance to grab 40 winks during what can only be described as ç from the moment the show begins.

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  • Friday night was a memorable occasion for the Climent family - owners of not only Benidorm´s top entertainment venue, but also Europe´s. Proud parents Christine and Vicente watched as son David, illusionist at Benidorm Palace made history by becoming one of the youngest ever recipients of the prestigious Merlin Award, akin to the Oscars in the film industry. Tony Hassini – Chairman and CEO of The International Magicians Society flew over from New York especially for the event, which was presented to David after the premier of the new show “Q”.

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  • This year marks a significant year for Benidorm’s most iconic entertainment venue – Benidorm Palace. 2017 sees the venue celebrating its 40th Anniversary and in recognition the show is called “RUBI – Party at the Palace” – the Spanish for Ruby, which is the traditional stone to celebrate 40 years of marriage. The new show will premier on May 18 with a special VIP night taking place on July 12 which will also see Joanne Climent – daughter of Christine and Vicente taking on a greater role at the palace.

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