English square,

  • The much promised and talked about renovation project of Benidorm´s infamous strip is underway. Resembling the aftermath of an earthquake – or as some amusingly said “a good Saturday night partying by the Brits”, the much-needed works have started. By the time international holidaymakers return to Benidorm many may well be pushed recognising the place they last visited some 12 months previously.

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  • The streets around the English Square seem eerily quiet of late - walk down Calle Gerona or Calle Lepanto and you will notice a distinct absence of Hi-Vis orange vests on the street corners. Since 1st September, the Town Hall bought in new regulations banning “props” – promotional reps or inviters, from the streets of the Rincon area. According to a letter sent out to all bar owners, anyone found working on the streets will personally be fined €1,500 and the bar an additional €1,500. A recent report from the local police informed Lorenzo Martinez, the Councilor responsible for the new legislation that a drug network was operating which implicated some of those working as inviters.

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  • Benidorm police are starting to crack down on establishments for not complying with regulations - in particular with reference to noise pollution. The hospitality and nightlife business is extremely important to the economy of the resort, but there needs to be a balance with the rights of the residents too - not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. Many Brits come on holiday to Benidorm specifically because the alcohol is so much cheaper and the town is rife with Stag and Hens groups, something of a controversial issue with family groups.

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  • The forthcoming protest rally in Benidorm, which is taking place on Monday is certainly causing ripples at the Town Hall. The event has been instigated by British ex-pat Karen Cowles in order to “Protect our Tourism”. Crime is nothing new and certainly not isolated to Benidorm - all high tourist destinations suffer the same. But many are now put off coming due to the reputation it is gaining of rising crime rates and lack of action taken by the police and authorities.

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