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  • The day has arrived…. the final episode of the ITV comedy Benidorm will be aired tonight following confirmation that the show will be axed by ITV bosses amid falling ratings. Rumours had been circulating since March, with many tabloids running those headlines, but writer Derren Litten had always been somewhat arrogant in replies on his twitter account to those asking that very question. There will be tears shed by many, either of sadness or joy because a bit like marmite – you either loved it or hated it. Speaking with British expats that live here, most fall into the latter category whereas generally speaking, those in the UK loved it. Perhaps they just love seeing glimpse of their favourite holiday destination, bringing back fond memories.

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  • If you fancy a bit of a thrill then head to Karting Finestrat - located just behind Carrefour Hyper-market and the La Marina Shopping Centre in Benidorm. Set up on the mountain side with beautiful views over Benidorm, the 1km asphalted track is designed with plenty of bends and curves to test your skill behind the wheel....and there is also a separate specially designed children's circuit .

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  • Karting Finestratis one of the most popular attractions for those who come here for weekend celebrations - especially stag & hens or party groups. Located on the mountain side behind the La Marina shopping centre it is certainly the place to head for thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies. The 1 km track has plenty of hairpin bends to test your skill behind the wheel, with everyone becoming an imaginary Lewis Hamilton as they hit the asphalt.

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  • Benidorm attracts millions of Brits for their annual holiday every year, but there is also a high percentage that come just for long weekends. The resort is a magnet for stag and hen parties – as was particularly evident this weekend! It is a tradition among many to dress up – some in fancy dress whilst others have tshirts printed. Tiara clad bride-to-be’s clutching giant blow up ‘shapes’, latex covered stags with a ball and chain, cartoon superhero characters. All these are actually pretty standard and you will see them walking up and down the Rincon area or along the beach front and no-one will batter an eyelid.

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  • Most that go on holiday are aware of the importance of taking out travel insurance – and in particular, declaring any pre-existing medical conditions. However, despite this there are still many that decide to take the chance, especially if just going for a long weekend, only taking their blue European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).Worryingly, it now looks like you also have to check your policy to ensure you are covered for just coming here to Benidorm, as a number of insurance companies EXCLUDE Spain from European cover!

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