lock down

  • The current situation regarding Covid-19 or CoronaVirus as most refer to it, is totally unprecedented. Many here, referring to holidaymakers in particular, are still in a state of shock that bars, cafes and restaurants are closed due to the pandemic currently sweeping across the globe. At midnight yesterday, Friday 13 a decree stated that all clubs, bars and restaurants had to close and remain so for the next 15 days – at least and the beach, although open first thing in the morning was taped off at 11am with police on patrol along the promenade to ensure no one enters.

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  • Headlines in the UK press today appear to imply that the lockdown in Spain is over. It was exactly a month ago that the country stopped and we are now entering our fifth week. For the vast majority of those living here, they still have to remain at home. Hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants all remains firmly shut and will do for the foreseeable future. A trip through Benidorm resembles a scene from the movies, where time has literally stood still. A banner suspended from Jokers, to celebrate St Patrick´s Day on March 17 that never was, remains swinging in the wind after all bars were ordered to closed at midnight on Friday, March 13. Thousands of Brits that worked in the hospitality industry are now sitting at home, weathering the storm that has engulfed not just Benidorm, but the entire world.

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