• For the fifth consecutive year, the resort will celebrate Benidorm Pride with a calendar of colourful events. Starting this Monday, 7th September the Old Town will transform into a rainbow of colour, jammed packed with nightly events, a tapas & wine route and culminating with “The Parade” on Saturday 12th.

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  • With the current travel restrictions in place many are wondering if and when they will ever be able to take a holiday. It will happen – it´s just a matter of time. Benidorm is literally crying out for people to return, after all, their economy only really survives thanks to tourism. Hotels, restaurants bars, taxi drivers, theme parks and all those businesses associated with supplying them are on their knees, not only here but across the world. However, for resorts such as Benidorm, there is no other industry to fall back on. We want and need you but realise as much as we want you here and you wanting to be here, it cannot happen until it is safe to do so. One things for sure, once restrictions are lifted and international travel back on, there will be one hell of a party!

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  • Just as the resort is entering its crucial busy summer season one of the most visited landmarks has been closed off to the public and been totally demolished. ‘El Castell’ - probably better known as the Mirador up at the top of the Old Town, with its picture-perfect photo location is no longer. Hoardings have been erected at the bottom of the steps and diggers have flattened the iconic structure – which only last month hosted the Benidorm Pink Weekend. Thousands make the pilgrimage up there to get breath taking views of both sides of Benidorm and take photographs of the Levante and Poniente beaches. It is one of those ‘must see’ place when you come here but don’t bother to make the effort now as you’ll be left very disappointed.

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  • Well Benidorm bashing week continues with a report published in today´s Daily Mail entitled “Benidorm Bedlam” – who is this Robert Hardman that wrote the article I wonder. What is it with the British press who seem to have an obsession with belittling both the resort and those that come here – obviously real news is light on the ground and the so called reporters and entourage fancy an away day somewhere hot – all on expenses obviously!

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  • If there is one thing that they do well here in Benidorm then it has to be the fiestas… and in particular, the terrific firework displays! On Tuesday night it was the fiesta of San Jaime, the patron saint of the town… not that they really need an excuse to party here - celebrated up in the Old Town, in the Plaza de San Jaime. From here you get a breathtaking view of both bays - the Levante and Poniente and it should certainly be on your list of places to visit when here in Benidorm.

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  • It has been officially confirmed that Benidorm series 9 will begin shooting in mid-March and have an extra two episodes – great news for all here. Pere Agullo, of “Filming Spain” – the production company used by Tiger Aspect in Benidorm has also indicated that they have provisionally been signed for series ten even though the current series 8 hasn’t yet been fully aired on UK screens.

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  • Well the end of the year has nearly arrived - and countdown to the new one is on. It´s been a tough year for many, money is tight, jobs are scarce and bills appear to be constantly risings. Everyone will be looking forward to a fresh start, making those New Year resolutions with extra determination this time around. Here in Spain there are many traditions and superstitions on New Years Eve, with certain rituals performed religiously in the hope of bringing luck, with the most established the twelve grapes.

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  • If you are stuck for something to do on a warm and balmy evening why not head up to the Old Town. Benidorm has in some people´s minds acquired a reputation of solely being a stag and hen destination for those wanting nothing more than sun and cheap booze. Up to a point that is the case, particularly in the Rincon de Loix area, but if you head up to the Old Town you will think you are in a completely different part of Spain.

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  • The night market "Les Nits del Castell" up at the Mirador in Benidorm Old Town has started - and will be on until the 15th September. The Mirador is home to probably the most spectacular view of Benidorm - you can see both the Levante and Poniente bays from there. It is a very popular tourist spot and a great place for an evening stroll - with plenty of bars to enjoy a drink while taking in the view.

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  • The month begins with not one but two Bank Holidays here. Today, October 9th was a regional holiday – “Dia de la Comunidad Valenciana” or the Day of the Valencian Community. It marks the anniversary of the capture of the city of Valencia by King James I from the Moors in 1238, which at the time was an independent kingdom– and did not become part of Spain until 1707. It was not officially recognized and celebrated until 1976, when the Valencian Regional Government decreed it a Bank Holiday – the year after Franco died.

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