• I read with great amusement an article in this mornings Daily Mail - that Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls is under police investigation following a "fail to stop collision". From reading that you would have thought it was a major incident, but no, he was performing not a 3 but 7 point turn and clipped another car without realising.

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  • Parking restrictions are now back in force across all blue zones in Benidorm – reinstated on Friday July 1. Some roads – including Calle Gerona, Calle Cuenca and Calle Lepanto had them temporarily suspended over the low season, causing slight confusion for motorists as the main Avd Mediterraneo was still in force. From now only white bays are free.

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  • Driving is a necessity for many, whether to get to work, take children to school or carry out daily chores. When coming on holiday many like the flexibility of a rental car, enabling them to get themselves back and forth to the airport without waiting around for shuttle buses, then using it to explore the surrounding area at leisure - Guadalest, Algar Waterfalls and Calpe all prime examples. Although all are accessible by publice transport you are more flexible with a car.

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  • In a surprise move, Benidorm will be offering free parking directly on the Levante beach front on the site of the old Las Terrazas building at the junction of Avenida Mediterraneo and Avenida Europa, opposite the Hotel Cimbel. The mayor signed an agreement with the owner of the site on Monday, giving the council temporary use of the plot to offer free parking to residents and more importantly, visitors. The 3,700 square metre site is meant to be operational by the end of the week and today diggers and plenty of workmen were already on site, clearing and levelling. Old asphalt from ongoing roadworks on the Avenida Europa opposite will be reused in the new parking area and mounds were already waiting to be spread out.

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  • The summer season officially ended at midnight – at least for drivers to Benidorm! As from today, 1st October an additional 1126 FREE parking spaces will be available. At the beginning of summer the Council extended the blue Pay & Display parking zones to many additional streets in the Rincon area. This was to deter holidaymakers – particularly domestic ones who´d drive over from Madrid, park up and leave their cars in the same spot for the duration of their stay, sometimes lasting two or three weeks.

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  • If you are a driver in Benidorm you may have noticed the brand new high tech pay and display machines being installed around town. 77 meters are being installed – currently there are only 44 and work is scheduled to be completed by 1st July… but then remember this is Spain. When you park in a blue bay you have to pay - white bays, IF you can find one, are free.

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  • You know that feeling when you're rushing back to the car and just praying that the traffic warden hasn't been because your ticket has expired... well I'll let you in on a little secret.I ts not get back to the car quicker or shorten your lunch by the way - that's simply out of the question! So you're literally a few minutes over the pay and display time on the ticket and are faced with a rather hefty fine.

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