• In a bid to promote safety and warn holiday makers of dangers on the beach, which includes the peddlers selling their wears, the town hall are putting up signs along the front. They are also planning on printing 2,000 leaflets to hand out but it is unclear where they will be available or who will be handing them out. I can only imagine they will be at the Tourist Information centres and at hotels. Although the sentiment is there, is anyone actually going to read the sign as the writing is so small you really need to get up fairly close.

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  • The ‘mojiteros’ – illegal beach cocktail sellers, along with the pea men should be avoided at all costs here in Benidorm. Now thankfully there is one less gang after the National Police in Benidorm arrested five members of a gang that operated the pea game, fleecing holidaymakers out of thousands of euros every day. However, until a change in the law takes place, it is technically classified as a ‘misdemeanour’ here rather than a crime if less than €400 is involved. There are constant reminders not to stop and engage but sadly, reports surface daily of yet more fresh victims.

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  • A POLICE officer from Benidorm has been sentenced to six months in prison followed by 3 months suspension without pay and 1,440€ fine – for using a police issued mobile phone to make personal phone calls.

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  • Some will see it as justice and a long overdue – two of the illegal cocktail sellers, or as they say here ‘mojiteros’ have been jailed following last Friday’s confrontation on the Levante promenade. During a routine patrol the local police apprehended one of the touts and a heated exchange took place, which escalated very quickly. Within a matter of minutes over 20 vendors appeared and started throwing punches at the police, who had to use their taser guns to bring them under control. One of the police needed medical attention and three of the vendors were taken to hospital – two of which were released then taken straight into police custody. Yesterday they appeared in court where the judge ordered a father and son to be sent to prison. However, all is not quite as it seems for they were not imprisoned for selling the illegal cocktails but for assaulting the police.

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  • The peamen – sometimes also referred to as the potato men are the scourge of Benidorm and should be given a very wide berth. They operate in gangs, usually on busy thoroughfares such as the Levante promenade, on the Avd Mediterraneo or around the Indoor Market. They entice people to stop by shouting and cheering, waving €20 notes that they have supposedly just won by guessing which potato half the pea is hidden under – hence the name. But the ‘crowd’ is actually members of the gang, some of which are Brits to make it look more authentic.

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  • Summer has most certainly arrived – the sun is out, the resort is bustling and the beaches are packed. But just because you’re on holiday and relaxed do not let your guard down. Sadly crime happens everywhere and Benidorm is no exception, but if you use your common sense and keep your wits about you, then you should have an incident free time here.
    The Latin saying ‘praemontius, praemunitus’ is very apt and loosely translated means ‘forewarned is forearmed’… if you know about a problem in advance, you will be able to deal with it. Awareness of a situation, especially a risky one prepares you to handle it should the situation arise.

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  • Work has at long last begun on the new SATE office in the Rincon de Loix. SATE stands for "El Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero" - hence the abbreviation, which roughly translated means the Foreign Tourist Assistance Office. This is where you should go to file a report if you are in the unfortunate situation of being a victim of crime. There was much criticism when the current one was opened in the Old Town back in 2013 – with virtually everyone in agreement that it was the wrong place. But to everyone's shock and amazement, workmen and a digger arrived this morning to begin the construction – which is estimated to take up to five months. It will be located beside the current tourist information office on Calle Derramador – opposite the Flash hotel. The Town Hall have promised that it will be fully operational for Spring.

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