• Did these two chaps, dressed as bobbies at last years British Fancy Dress Day have an inkling of things to come - well read on! The police exchange program witnessed in Magaluf and San Antonio this summer could well be extended to Benidorm next year. Seeing a British bobby patrolling on Calle Gerona and around the English Square, where a high concentration of British holidaymakers head could become a reality according to Juan Carlos Moragues.

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  • Last week there was much coverage in the Spanish press regarding British police coming over to help patrol the streets of Benidorm – something that was witnessed in Magaluf last year. At a meeting held in Benidorm with business owners on February 25, the British Consul Sarah-Jane Morris was asked the question about this possibility. The consuls visit to the resort was a follow up to the protest rally held in November – which was organsied by Karen Cowles, regarding the escalating security and safety issues here. Her response then was quite unequivocal saying “It is not possible and not going to happen despite the speculation. It is Spain’s responsibility to police their streets”.

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  • The Valencian Regional Government has given the go ahead for Benidorm to get extra National Police over the peak summer months of July and August. Juan Carlos Valderrame, Deputy President of the Regional Government came to Benidorm last week and met with the Mayor, Toni Pérez, the new Security Councillor Lorenzo Martinez and members of the police. This is in addition to the ten beach police. With last weeks beach massacre in Tunisia at the forefront of everybody’s mind, will it reassure people coming here to see a more prominent police presence on the streets and beaches I wonder?

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  • The forthcoming protest rally in Benidorm, which is taking place on Monday is certainly causing ripples at the Town Hall. The event has been instigated by British ex-pat Karen Cowles in order to “Protect our Tourism”. Crime is nothing new and certainly not isolated to Benidorm - all high tourist destinations suffer the same. But many are now put off coming due to the reputation it is gaining of rising crime rates and lack of action taken by the police and authorities.

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  • Benidorm Mayor, Agustin Navarro is looking at the viability of introducing a "Tourist Tax" similar to that already in place in Miami following a visit by a delegation from the American city during the week. The Mayor of Miami Tomas Pedro Regaldo, together with the heads of important financial institutions came to Benidorm to discuss, share and exchange ideas and knowledge of two holiday destinations which rely both on tourism to sustain their economy.

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