sol pelicanos,

  • Eager fans hopeful to be cast as extra’s in the forthcoming ITV comedy series Benidorm queued up anxiously outside the Hotel Meliain Benidorm this morning. Filming of series 10 – rumoured to be the very last, is due to commence next month – although no specific date has yet been confirmed publicly. Those overseeing the castings were too frightened to even utter a word without a written say so from London – somewhat paranoid behavior! Good luck to all those that attended this morning – the afternoon session is from 4pm until 7:30pm

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  • The new series of ‘Benidorm’ will be hitting our screens tonight, Monday 11th – the eighth. I don’t think that anyone imagined it would be the roaring success that it has become when the first episode was filmed back in 2006 and aired on ITV in February 2007. Many had no idea who any of the cast were – only vaguely recognizing the likes of Johnny Vegas or Steve Pemberton, but that has certainly changed over the years and they are now all household names. Actor Jake Canuso has played the sexy Spanish barman from the very first episode and probably the most recognized out of all the cast.

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  • An extraordinary achievement has been made here by an expat - the very first LEGAL British run bookmaker in the whole of Spain is to open in Benidorm, which unsurprisingly, is called the “British Bookie”! Everyone who lives here knows the difficulty and complications involved in getting any kind of paperwork sorted, whether it be applying for an NIE number, Spanish driving license or residencia. So multiply that a hundred fold and you can just begin to imagine what Kath and Peter – the proud owners of the British Bookie, located next to the Gallowgate Bar have been through these last months… and to think they left Glasgow to come and take it easy!

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  • The growing compensation culture, prevalent in the UK has spread – and evidence is emerging on a weekly basis of illicit practices occurring here in Benidorm. Spanish hotels are hitting back at so called ‘unscrupulous British lawyers’ for enticing holidaymakers to make claims against them, actively encouraging people to claim for anything ranging from thefts to food poisoning. They offer to act on their behalf on a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement - professing to win thousands of pounds in compensation. These so called reps, usually those in their early 20’s mingle with hotel guests around the pool, dressed in swimwear so as not to attract attention from hotel staff.

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  • Well Benidorm bashing week continues with a report published in today´s Daily Mail entitled “Benidorm Bedlam” – who is this Robert Hardman that wrote the article I wonder. What is it with the British press who seem to have an obsession with belittling both the resort and those that come here – obviously real news is light on the ground and the so called reporters and entourage fancy an away day somewhere hot – all on expenses obviously!

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  • Derren Litten, the creator, writer and brains behind the ITV Benidorm series is normally a man of mystery - rarely giving interviews, but yesterday he spoke to Ashley Price, lunchtime presenter on Benidorm´s No 1 radio station - CoolFM 974.Very little is known about the genius who has bought this wonderful resort to the forefront of everyones minds and made it a must do destination for so many.

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  • It has been officially confirmed that Benidorm series 9 will begin shooting in mid-March and have an extra two episodes – great news for all here. Pere Agullo, of “Filming Spain” – the production company used by Tiger Aspect in Benidorm has also indicated that they have provisionally been signed for series ten even though the current series 8 hasn’t yet been fully aired on UK screens.

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  • Ask any Brit back in the UK to name a hotel in Benidorm and I bet many will come up with "The Solana"!It is amazing how many believe that the Solana is actually a real hotel, made famous by the hit ITV comedy series "Benidorm". Well it IS a real hotel - it´s the "Sol Pelicanos", but only the pool area is now used for filming.

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  • Work has at long last begun on the new SATE office in the Rincon de Loix. SATE stands for "El Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero" - hence the abbreviation, which roughly translated means the Foreign Tourist Assistance Office. This is where you should go to file a report if you are in the unfortunate situation of being a victim of crime. There was much criticism when the current one was opened in the Old Town back in 2013 – with virtually everyone in agreement that it was the wrong place. But to everyone's shock and amazement, workmen and a digger arrived this morning to begin the construction – which is estimated to take up to five months. It will be located beside the current tourist information office on Calle Derramador – opposite the Flash hotel. The Town Hall have promised that it will be fully operational for Spring.

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