• Would you book a holiday and risk flying on an unknown uninsured aircraft? The answer is obviously no – so WHY do so many people risk their and their families lives to save possibly €20 max on using an illegal, uninsured ‘taxi’ to take them to or from the airport? On Monday one such driver was apprehended by Guardia Civil traffico at Alicante-Elche airport for doing just that resulting in his people carrier being impounded and a fine issued for €2,000. On inspecting his documentation – taxed and ITV’d as is required by law, all was in order except for the fact that he was not insured or registered to transport passengers.

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  • In a bid to smarten up, the Taxi Driver Association in the Valencian Community have proposed that all their drivers should confirm to a set standard regarding appearance, which has been accepted by Benidorm town hall. Perhaps it would be a good idea if the authorities would also take a look at what is deemed acceptable around the resort when it comes to attire worn by visitors, especially from some of the stag groups which we see here!

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