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  • With the spiraling exchange rate, in main thanks to Brexit and the recent General Election results, it is important to try and eke out as much as possible for those hard earned pounds. Many often ponder whether to exchange before leaving or wait until here in the resort. But one thing is for certain – DO NOT under any circumstances do it at the airport – whether that be a UK one or here at Alicante. Aside from money and a valid passport the other very important thing you should have before setting out is travel insurance. So many tend to think that an EHIC card will be adequate, but this is only for emergency treatment and will not repatriate you back to the UK.

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  • The perpetual question on whether to take out travel insurance always crops up as you hit the “confirm booking” button for that flight. The British Consulate has issued several reminders to holidaymakers NOT to rely solely on an EHIC for medical treatment but to ensure that they have adequate travel insurance too. The EHIC will not cover the cost of repatriation back to the UK and if someone needs to be flown back by air ambulance it will run into several thousand euros!

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  • Most that go on holiday are aware of the importance of taking out travel insurance – and in particular, declaring any pre-existing medical conditions. However, despite this there are still many that decide to take the chance, especially if just going for a long weekend, only taking their blue European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).Worryingly, it now looks like you also have to check your policy to ensure you are covered for just coming here to Benidorm, as a number of insurance companies EXCLUDE Spain from European cover!

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  • Sadly yet another story has been reported in the UK press of a "heartbroken daughter who must raise 6000 GBP to bring her father´s body back home after a holiday tragedy". This occurred last week in Benidorm when the 50 year old took a break to the popular holiday resort with friends – and did not take out travel insurance. This is the devastating consequence left for the family back home to deal with – putting out an appeal on social media to help with the repatriation costs to fly the body back home. Unfortunately this is not the first, nor I fear the last that we will hear of such tragic incidents. Don´t be tempted to travel without insurance, whatever age you are!

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