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Yesterday was the last day of the Benidorm fiesta and the grand finale parade went off successfully - unlike Tuesdays "humour parade", which it most certainly wasn´t according to locals! 46 floats took part and the detail and work which went into them was simply incredible. The main emphasis was on children and they were certainly the focal point of each float - you are never too young to start getting dressed up!

Fortunately the predicted rain never materialised and spectators turned out, literally in their thousands - the pavements were 4 deep along most of the route. Each float had a theme and the creativity and attention to detail was amazing... there were pirates, zombies, cats, clowns, vikings to name a few.

As the floats passed by the children on them threw out confetti mixed with sweets, as is the tradition but I must say that the pensioners were literally elbowing the children out of the way in the scramble to collect them! They came armed with shopping bags to collect their loot - very well prepared they were.

But I think that the last "float" was the best..... the road sweepers and rubbish lorry following the last float and sweeping up all the confetti - what a job! They had one man blowing all the confetti off the pavement and the others sweeping - well done those men.
Don´t forget that today is the British Fancy Dress Day..... come back for more pictures!


0 #1 Kevin Grace 2013-11-14 13:58
I love Benidorm thought this may interest you,

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  • Dazzling parade

    Antonio Garcia 26.09.2023 13:54
  • Benidorm Pride 2023

    Chris McLeod 11.09.2023 13:28
    Fabulous photos everyone xx
  • Benidorm Pride 2023

    Val Foulkes 11.09.2023 13:26
    Fantastic. All looked amazing

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