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Gucci and LVDecades ago you could only purchase “imitation designer brands” in the far East but now they are rife at virtually every market in Europe… and Benidorm is certainly no exception. With Christmas nearly upon us, many are looking to make that special purchase, not really thinking of the consequences - especially if money is tight, of buying an imitation.

Hoverboards are currently all across the UK news this week – but sadly for the wrong reasons. The "must have" item this year has risen to prominence after numerous counterfeit models have exploded, bursting into flames – and several major retailers have taken them off the shelves. Counterfeit goods are rife, especially at this time of the year, with many sold on the internet from copycat websites – but now many items are also widely available to purchase from shops and market stalls.

Market glassesMany that come on holiday to Benidorm look forward to the trips to the weekly market – and here there is a choice of many. The outdoor market which takes place every Wednesday and Sunday, the Indoor Market – open Monday to Saturday and then there is the rastro/flea market at El Cisne.

IMG 1758But National Police swooped and made a number of arrests recently following an undercover operation, which began several weeks ago. 699 counterfeit items were seized including handbags, purses, wallets and belts - although none had any labels they were all recognizable by the logo prints My guess would be the distinctive LV monogram of Louis Vuitton, one of the most counterfeited luxury brands in the world and the checker pattern seen on bags and purses, Chanel with the two interlocked C´s and Gucci, with the double G symbol combined with a red and green band.

GucciThe goods were of very poor quality and finish and stock was discovered in vehicles parked close by to the market, ready to “re-stock” popular sellers. No documentation was found as to the origin of the products and all those involved were arrested as “perpetrators of a crime against intellectual property”. Could you tell a fake from the real thing if placed side by side? In recent months there have also been raids on clothing, in particular fake football shirts.

The looky looky men walk around many restaurant with arms full of bags, sunglasses etc and when they spot the police do a runner. In case you are curious about the name, they are called that as when they approach you with their goodies they say “looky looky” !


0 #2 geoffrey sayers 2015-12-30 18:23
Think that everyone knows that it's fake gear when they buy it. Personally I occasionally buy fake goods as I would never pay the exorbitant prices for the real thing but I am after all 65+.
0 #1 Dave Holden 2015-12-17 23:20
What a surprise !!!!!
If they could only find 699 fakes there is something wrong with their eyesight :-* :-*
I'm sure there would be no problem spotting ten to twenty times that amount on one walk round the market even to the untrained eye !!!!

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    Adeline Mcclenaghan 18.03.2023 17:40
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    Looks good am there November for fiesta
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    Not one St Patricks flag in sight?

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