tattoo convention

  • Body Art or inking – normally referred to as tattoos, were once the reserve of bikers, sailors and criminals, but now widely accepted in society. Figures show that one in three young British adults have at least one, with many emulating celebrities such as David Beckham, One Directions Harry Styles, Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne. But if you think it’s only the young who have them done then think again - actress Susan Sarandon had her first at the age of 61. There are numerous tattoo and piercing studios here in Benidorm, much like many typical towns and cities across the UK – but one thing that has been missing here is a Tattoo Convention. Over 400 are held worldwide every year and in 2017, Benidorm will host its first ever, over the St Patrick’s Day weekend - which also coincides with the Spanish Fallas

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  • An extraordinary achievement has been made here by an expat - the very first LEGAL British run bookmaker in the whole of Spain is to open in Benidorm, which unsurprisingly, is called the “British Bookie”! Everyone who lives here knows the difficulty and complications involved in getting any kind of paperwork sorted, whether it be applying for an NIE number, Spanish driving license or residencia. So multiply that a hundred fold and you can just begin to imagine what Kath and Peter – the proud owners of the British Bookie, located next to the Gallowgate Bar have been through these last months… and to think they left Glasgow to come and take it easy!

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  • Elaine Davidson,Guinness World Record Holder for being the most pierced woman in the world is here in Benidorm… and turning quite a few heads! In total she has over 10,000, most of which she does herself – all except those that she cannot physically reach, such as on her back. She is here for the Tattoo Convention, a three day event starting on Friday at 11am in the Hotel Mediterraneo. She will be performing a few jaw dropping stunts and you will be able to meet, chat and have a photograph taken with her over the course of the event.

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